I am passionate about truth. I use my art as a way to present what I see is true in my life and share it. I find the language of art has a way of reaching people’s hearts and minds in an effective way that words alone cannot. So, I use my art as a means to converse. For me, producing artwork is kin to starting a conversation. When I have an idea I work through it and present it to an audience. From there the audience takes in my shared idea and has a chance to respond to it. The response to my artwork is just as important, if not more important, than the original artwork itself. The audience is what gives my art life, and takes it where it cannot go on its own. And because the audience interaction is paramount, whatever aesthetic gets the message across clearest is the direction I choose to go. And, as with any good conversation, I try not to “say” too much at once and leave plenty of room for response. What’s exciting to me is that I cannot always anticipate what the response will be, so our conversation can go anywhere. But in the end my hope is that both you and I can find what is true together.