“I tend to conceptualize my artwork around ideas of truth and beauty as they pertain to relationship and the human experience. Whether it be community, human trafficking, our relationship with creation/nature, or restoration of a broken heart I try to communicate my own heart with a clear and honest visual. And beyond that, create something that is beautiful, because at the end of the day I hope that anyone who sees my art will at least be able to say that they encountered something beautiful that day. 

As an artist, I feel I have a role and purpose to make this world a more beautiful place, and influence culture in a positive way. I believe lasting, positive culture change must originate in the heart in order to truly inspire a community. The beauty of art, in any form, is that it’s a form of expression born in the heart, and has the ability to communicate directly to the heart. Because of this, art can speak to hearts and minds in spite of language, cultural, experiential, and geographical differences.

Ultimately, I find my purpose and identity in God, who inspires me to emulate his creativity, and reflect his heart for love, truth and light.”